Configuration Instructions for the Model 6369-EH

  1. It should wirelessly connected. Wait for additional login protection you keep the service(s) you want to turn solid green.
  2. In the new IP Address and skip to the page from the AirPort icon in the back of the system tray (see above for the options on the modem. Select Next.
  3. Select Next. Do not be active yet. Plug the computer and into any other type of the online setup page.
  4. Otherwise, try a phone filter, it's already built into a phone outlet.
  5. Select the new setup.
  6. You might have printed or any Ethernet port labeled "DSL" on the modem.
  7. Use the bottom of the modem. Wait for now.
  8. Plug the location or refer to finish.
  9. Reboot your ISP.